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My Homeschool High School Experience

This kind of attitude can also signal a burn out with school and learning in general. I think most parents are well qualified to teach their children how to best behave in society.

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In truth, when children spend eight hours a day with mainly their peers, there is a lot of negative socialization that can happen: bullying, rudeness, unkindness, selfishness, peer pressure to conform, etc. Birthday parties, pool time in the summer, summer camps, sports, music classes, can all be considered socialization, and plenty of those activities are outside the realm of traditional school.

Sports, music, night classes, organized activities and clubs. Church can be a good one as well. Make the effort to look around, and be willing to take your child to all their activities.

Inviting people over and initiating activities is also a great way to support socialization. Joining homeschool groups is also an option. Families decide to homeschool their kids for a variety of reasons.


The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for College for Homeschoolers

Some parents were homeschooled themselves, and feel they can give their child the best education on their own. Some families live far away from good schools, and may have multiple children of different ages, which would make school drop offs and pick ups difficult. However you arrive at deciding to homeschool your child, the best part of homeschooling is you can make every little bit unique to you and your situation. Kerrie Wilson is a student at Husson University studying photography and journalism.

She grew up in Maryland but wanted a change of scenery and chose Maine for its natural beauty. How to make DIY makeup remover and reusable makeup remover wipes. How to choose a homeschool planner.

Homeschool to College The Essential Guide

How to set a homeschool schedule. How to find homeschool groups in your area. Inside the classical method of homeschooling. Leave A Reply Cancel reply. Sign me up for the newsletter! By Kerrie Wilson Last updated Jun 14, This can be a stressful process but with a bit of preparation, parents and kids should be able to make the transition smoothly. Setting the record straight about homeschool.


From Homeschool to College. The Basic Process. Preparing for College: Tips for Students. Tips For Parents and Students. Homeschool Friendly Colleges by State. Homeschooling is a parent-led, home-based education for students. This education in the home allows students to have a much more flexible schedule and curriculum than the norm of students that go to public school.

Parents are able to use specialized pedagogical approaches and help their kids accomplish more academically. In fact, because of this freedom, students are able to focus more on extracurricular activities this is how teenage Olympians like Shaun White still got their education. Students are able to learn in a safer environment that is free from school-related violence, drug and alcohol use, and other forms of bullying. Essentially parents and students have control over when to study, what to study, how to study, and even where to study.

Homeschooling is not done because of religious or political reasons—there are a wide variety of people from all religions, all ends of the political spectrum, and all income levels that homeschool. Homeschool students are also not dependent on public, tax-funded resources for education and are thus less of a burden on taxpayers than a public school student. Even though homeschooling has been a popular option for years, there is still some misconception about the academic level of homeschooled students.

However, a study conducted by the College Board the governing body behind the SAT test has found that homeschooled students tend to score higher than the national average. Because of this, homeschooled students are actively sought after and recruited by colleges. This could not be further from the truth. Many homeschooled students get to focus on their extracurricular activities and make lots of friends out in the world.

Setting the record straight about homeschool

Some states have even passed legislation that enables homeschooled students to participate in public school sports teams. In short, they get a lot of socialization because of homeschooling rather than in spite of homeschooling. Beyond attractive test scores, what really sets homeschooled students apart from the rest of the pack is their ability to thrive in unstructured environments. Homeschooling allows students to choose their academic and social pursuits because the student is the one that is most interested in it—a fact that is not lost on college admissions officers.

The transition from high school student to a college student is rough on all students, regardless of homeschooled or traditional schooling background. Some schools in recent years have made great strides in becoming more homeschool friendly by accepting a body of work rather than a transcript, but these schools are the exception, not the norm. This section of our guide is to help give students and parents a bigger picture understanding of the process of how to get into college.

Parents Guide to the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

The basic process for homeschool students to get into college is the same as most other students: study hard, get good grades, search for colleges, take the entrance exams, jump through the admissions hoops, and get financial aid. The right school for you is the one that is accredited for the major you want to study.

Another thing to consider is whether there are online classes available in this major or of the school is a state or private school. State schools are often more affordable for students that live in the state, while private colleges and university often have other perks religious affiliations and other benefits. Some people say that the SAT may be better for students that are more verbal while the ACT is better for the analytically minded. But there are others that claim the reverse is also true. Most colleges will take the best scores from either test to make their admissions decisions.

Standardized tests are very different from normal academic tests. Practice helps to ease the anxiety of tests, and students will become better accustomed to testing situations. When it comes to admissions, the standardized test is not the end all bottom line. Yes, it has weight in determining scholarships and admission, but many schools do take into account the fact that some students do not test as well as their GPA may indicate.

The test score is just one part of the student package. A student with a low test score and high GPA is still an attractive candidate. What schools are really looking for are students that are willing to work hard and to overcome low test scores. A high test score and low GPA may indicate that the student is not motivated enough. All schools require students to apply for the school, meaning in most cases you go online and fill out an online application, submit the materials they require, and then pay a fee.

For most schools, this means getting letters of recommendation, obtaining transcripts, and providing records of community service or achievement. As part of the admissions process schools will require an essay or even a video essay. Many people stress over the essay part of the admissions process, but in reality, this is your chance to shine.

One way to reduce the stress of the application process is to work with the admissions counselor at your prospective school. An admissions counselor is a representative of the school that is usually the first point of contact between a family and the school.

Laws related to homeschooling

They can help you collect information about your prospective school and they are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the admissions process. The main thing to remember about the admissions process is that deadlines are extremely important. Lucky for students, there are many financial aid options available. During the admissions process, be sure to talk to the admissions officers about financial aid, scholarships, and student loans that you can apply for. Like we mentioned in the introduction, there are a number of misconceptions about homeschooling that persist.

The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...
The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...
The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...
The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...
The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...
The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...
The Homeschoolers Guide To... The Homeschoolers Guide To...

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