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She was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and I had this quilt made for him with the t-shirts she had collected for several years.

Thanks for doing such a beautiful job and also helping us create a family keepsake to remember her by for many years. I immediately showed it off to all my neighbors. Thanks for doing such a great job. Their names and wedding date looked perfect! Thank you so-o much! The four graduates absolutely loved them. I was amazed how much the boys loved them and how my sons all want one of their own now. Everyone that has seen them has been blown away.

Thank you so much for creating a quilt filled with memories that will live on forever. Monica, the quilt arrived and it is absolutely stunning. You did an incredible job. I have spent the morning showing it to everyone in my office and they agree that your work is amazing! Several have children in college and said they would remember to ask me who did it when their kids graduate! Thank you so very much. I am sure that he will be even more excited than I am! It is wonderful and my husband loves it and my mother in law thought it was really good and she is a quilter with our church group.

But what you did was great and want a great price. I have a brother in law that is a marathon runner and would love to have a quilt.

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Well thank you…. I just wanted to say thank you for the quilt! It turned out perfectly and I absolutely love it. The Quilt looks great!!

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Thank you very much for such a wonderful keepsake. I am already planning a second special quilt request from you since you did such an awesome job.


Thanks again. I could not believe how fantastic the quilt looked. My daughter loved it. I am so pleased with it. Thank you so much for doing such a great job! I will for sure pass your name on and I will have you do more in the future. Thanks again! You did a great job of making it look totally different from the one you made for my son. Thanks so much! Hi Monica!

I kind of knew how it was going to turn out just from the pictures on your website, but you exceeded my expectations entirely. Thank you for being so easy to work with and I will be sure to refer you to my friends. The quilt is unbelievable. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. The two shirts that were actually my husbands are exactly on his side of the bed.

How did you know? I got it and it looks great! What a wonderful job you did in laying out the shirts in a pattern that looks very balanced. Thanks so much. It looks awesome!!

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The stitching is really neat as well! Thank you so much for doing such a great job. I will send a picture of the quilt to my sorority to refer other girls for you. I just received my quilt and it is awesome! Thank you so much for the hard work that you put into making it. I have been wanting to get it made for four years now and seeing it today made me so happy! Monica,The quilt arrived today. As always you have outdone yourself. The pillowcase is beautiful. It makes the set complete. The quilt is large enough for a guest room in his home someday. What a lasting treasure.

Thank you again for all of the love you put into making this beautiful quilt.

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I had high expectations, but this quilt is way over the top! I know he will love it and treasure it for years to come. What a fantastic way to remember his very special football years. Monica, They released the quilts from customs — hooray! If there is a feedback form or area you would like me to fill out about your quality work, please let me know. Thanks for giving it your TLC.

flexerkiskett.tk What was interesting was that as a result of one of my teacher friends seeing the quilt at school, I found out that she also quilts and has even taught quilting. I received the quilt yesterday and it is awesome! It looks better than I ever imagined it would and I had high expectations! The pink on the backing was just what I would have picked out. Nicole is going to love it!

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Thank you. I received my quilt today in the mail, I opened it right before I left for work, it is beautiful!! Looks amazing, I will be sure to pass your name along to my friends! Thank you again. I love the quilt!!! I am going to send a picture of it to a bunch of my friends wanting to do the same thing! Thanks so much and hope to send others your way. WOW the quilt is amazing. I did show it off just now and will spread the word.

T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More
T-Shirts, Memories & More T-Shirts, Memories & More

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