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On the other hand, they can definitely assist experienced players who are teaching the game to new players. I may add those later, but not yet. I generally keep a copy of my system cheat sheets behind my GM screen for quick reference and I also place a half dozen copies in the center of the table for the players to grab as needed. The information included is meant to be as comprehensive as possible; although rulebooks are also available, my goal is to minimize the amount of time people spend referencing the rulebook: Finding something in 6 pages of cheat sheet is a much faster process than paging through a page rulebook.

The organization of information onto each page of the cheat sheet should, hopefully, be fairly intuitive.

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The actual sequencing of pages is mostly arbitrary. Page 1 : For Numenera , the difficulty terrible is the heart of everything.

This page is likely to become superfluous quickly. Page 2 : The core of the combat mechanics. Page 3 : The extended combat actions and options. Page 4 : A collection of miscellanea.


Page 5 : Everything that you need to know about the numenera. I expressed bafflement when I posted my draft version of the sheet for why all of these modifiers exist. Please note that the title page has been altered to remove the copyright logo graphic I originally used in the draft version.

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All Numenera content on this website is issued under the fair use doctrine and it should be explicitly understood that no content on this website is issued under the MCG fan use policy. Something that needs to be fixed: When trading damage for effect, you need to add the level of the target to the DR. So stunning a level 0 creature is -8 damage; stunning a level 5 creature is damage. A rule which I missed for the first dozen sessions of running the game.

Speaking of stunning, B. Similar but more severe attacks can stun characters. Stunned characters lose their turn but can still defend against attacks normally. Revisiting the passage now, though, I see the interpretation B.


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So, long story short, B. However, B. I think B. Perry is right about that, too. Hey Justin, thanks so much for putting this together! Very useful, especially compared to the official one that has so much wasted space. Easy to fix with a ballpoint pen : , but just wanted to let you know. This week until Jan.

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I am preparing running my first session of Numenera tomorrow night, and found this invaluable. Thank you so much for your efforts! Thanks so much for making this and posting it! Cook has been designing games and writing adventures since , and has worked on D20 projects like Call of the Cthulu and Arcana Unearthed.


Souce: Bundle of Holding. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Not a member? Register Now. Marla Desat 22 May Far-future science fantasy RPG Numenera got a lot weirder with the release of the Numenera Bestiary , a collection of mutants, other-dimensional intruders, aliens and even stranger things. Check out the weirdness in this incredible art gallery. Creature catalogs are usually my favorite part of any RPG, and Numenera is no exception.

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This book of monsters is particularly excellent because the things within it are truly bizarre. You won't find seven variations on dragons in different colors or other standard fantasy monster tropes. Fun fact: I've been calling books like this "beast-iary" for years, but apparently that's incorrect. These creatures are truly imagination-bending, and the art is relentlessly stunning, which is why we've got a gorgeous gallery of Bestiary art below.

That's not all that's been happening at Monte Cook Games lately.

Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen
Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen
Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen
Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen
Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen
Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen
Numenera GM Screen Numenera GM Screen

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