Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)

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With this list of the 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time, we've tried to hit all the high points in that ludicrously varied, constantly evolving mix. You think dubstep is obnoxious? Clearly, you've never heard gabber, the sound of Dutch Nineties skinheads who liked their drugs speedy and their music even speedier.

Gabber took hard minimal techno like Jeff Mills and blew it out to absurd disproportions with purloined metal riffs, distorted kick drums at BPM and gleefully violent imagery. The Dutch label Mokum started out issuing ultra-fuck-yous like Annihilator's "I'll Show You My Gun," but eventually took a turn towards the hilariously giddy with the "happy gabber" heard on this inanely fun comp. Think Chucky dressed like Ronald McDonald and you've got the vibe.

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If Skrillex is Metallica , this guy is Bon Jovi. The Orb, a shifting conglomerate circling around mainstay DJ-producer-player-prankster Alex Paterson, looked back with a longing smirk at Seventies prog-rock pretensions while fully indulging in them — epic track lengths, cloud-kissing whimsy, indulgent live albums.

The sheep on the cover of Live 93 even parodied Pink Floyd 's Animals. Paul and Phil Hartnoll named their group after the U. It's ironic, then, that Orbital were one of the first acts to push the beyond the confines of that scene, prizing composition and subtlety while striving to make great albums and put on stadium-ready live shows their Glastonbury performance is one of the festival's most storied moments. This well ordered two-CD overview showcases the brothers' knack for gracefully curvy hooks: the feather-in-the-air figure at the heart of "Lush," the neon-videogame programming of "Omen," and "Chime," whose keyboard riff is boogie-woogie headed to Mars.

Dubstep was hardly the first London-rooted EDM style to rely upon heavy sub-bass and twitchy beats. Goldie and the jazzier, curvier directions it's taken since. Good DJs take you on a journey, and English icons Sasha and John Digweed — whether working together or separately — specialized on rolling the listener through Nineties EDM's most bucolic landscapes.

The 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time – Rolling Stone

Their best-loved mix CD is a trippy traipse through the verdant world of progressive house, a genre with one foot in the rave and the other somewhere in the great beyond. Also on this nature hike: William Orbit, well before he met Madonna. French EDM duo Justice rocked the s by channeling the simplest disco and cheesiest Euro-trash into piledriver tracks that made Daft Punk look like folkie wallflowers.

The Catholic imagery of their cross logo and song titles like "Genesis" only added to the mystique: these dudes were the high priests of Big Dumb Fun. Founding father of British rave Paul Oakenfold was as mega as DJs got in the Nineties, opening for U2 , remixing Smashing Pumpkins and selling , copies of this definitive collection — a startling sales figure for a DJ mix.

LCD Soundsystem 's James Murphy fused Eighties synth-pop, dance-punk and Detroit techno into a staggering work of heartbreaking genius. Earlier in the decade, his DFA label had helped get indie-rock kids on the dancefloor with songs like the Rapture's "House of Jealous Lovers. Sound of Silver recalled albums like the Pet Shop Boys' Introspective , which used dance grooves to explore complex feelings of desire and obligation.

Madonna 's heart had always been in the club — from the New York electro of her earliest hits to the full-on house groove of "Vogue. British rave veteran William Orbit provided the shimmering pulse that backed Madge's exploration of new motherhood as a spiritual transformation.


Sure, it wasn't cutting-edge dance music, but that was part of its majesty — she gave electronica a makeover, not vice versa. Yep, pretty much. Using an estimated samples — from classics like Madonna 's "Holiday" and Kid Creole and the Coconuts' "Stool Pigeon," as well as hard-to-recognize hip-hop, funk, easy-listening and cheese-jazz records — they created a concept album about getting over a breakup by embarking on an island cruise. It's no surprise that Underworld would get tapped to do music for the opening ceremony at the London Olympics.

When it comes to being awesomely grandiose, few can beat them. Yet even when they used rock instrumentation as on the harmonica driven "BigMouth," which opens this greatest-hits set , they never tried to push their sound beyond EDM's essential building blocks: the God-touched keyboard stabs, a stomping four-on-the-floor groove and Hyde's bullhorn chant-sing vocals. It all came together best on the totally over-the-top "Born Slippy," a drunk's inner dialogue over a Balearic-Brontosaurus beat that got used brilliantly by Danny Boyle in the final scene in Trainspotting.

As rave culture began to dip into a lull during the early s, the gauzy, loving feel permeating the releases of Cologne, Germany's Kompakt Records was the logical next step for longtime partiers pushing into their thirties. On this mix album, Kompakt star Michael Mayer crafted a lush, haunting suite. Warning: dancing to this album can cause headaches, temporary loss of appetite, blurred vision or swollen bladder; if symptoms persist, please put on a Jewel CD. Cornwall, England native Richard James is electronic music's great restless innovator, a prolific mad scientist blurring the lines between dance music, ambient and avant-garde composition, influencing a generation of "intelligent" dance music artists, as well as everything Radiohead did after OK Computer.

His self-titled album might be the height of undanceable dance music, setting lush Victorian string arrangements and pastoral keyboard textures over brutally hard, quadruple-time breakbeats and toxic electro squelches. New York disco and house temple the Paradise Garage, opened in , is often considered the greatest club of all time.

Every weekend until the Garage closed in , Levan performed alchemical feats with a gargantuan, free-ranging assortment of vinyl, from classical etudes to the Clash and Talking Heads to his own beautifully teased-out inch remixes of Taana Gardner's "Heartbeat" and Inner Life's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Dance culture as we know it today begins here. Spike Jonze's brilliant, guerilla-style video for "Praise You" — in which a motley dance troupe does an impromptu routine in front of an L.

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With his second album, the former bass player in Eighties indie-pop preppies the Housemartins became the first EDM artist to enjoy genuine U. Top 40 success, and he did it by being a DJ who made like a screwball comic. Songs like "Gangster Trippin," "In Heaven" and the massive hit "Rockafeller Skank" bounced like old-school hip-hop at its most outrageously buoyant and were paced with the zany energy of a Benny Hill skit. In the U. In America they called it "the only rave music my six year-old niece has heard.

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  • Old-school dance heads may resist Skrillex's cartoon kicks, but that's their problem. The dark lord of U. EDM is only getting better. The title track from his latest EP is his loosest, looniest confection yet, a party noisemaker that weaves its vocal samples "You feel good! And his flip-flopping low end on "Right In" and "Kyoto" is funky and cheeky.

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    Sure, "Breakin' a Sweat" is an iffy Doors "collaboration," but it's kind of a good joke: the king of the bass drop getting down with a band that didn't have a bass player. When he gets together with fellow dubsteppers 12th Planet and Kill the Noise for "Right on Time," they throw a curveball in the form of a four-to-the-floor house track even cranky EDM old-timers might get down with. Dinner and drinks are available at our connected restaurant - West Coast Tavern.

    Happy hour every day from 4 pm to 6 pm. The kitchen is open until midnight every day. More information: www. Parking is available at the parking structure directly across the street from us on 29th St. Your ticket fee includes validation for the parking structure, which is redeemable at the venue. A raunchy, cylinder-shaped ginger of Eastern European ancestry might not be the first dude you'd peg for rap stardom, but that's exactly the mantle Action Bronson is on the verge of possessing.

    Over the last few years, the year old Queens native has become one of hip-hop's most charismatic and colorful new characters, thanks to his wicked sense of humor, a buffet of impressive releases and the rare knack for updating cherished East Coast aesthetics into indisputably modern music. He was an only child, but the population of the two-bedroom apartment swelled to as many as 13 inhabitants due to cousins, aunts, uncles and refuges from ethnic strife in Kosovo. It was in the family restaurant that Bronson developed his enduring fascination with quality eating.

    But a few years back, he penned a satirical song over a Southern beat CD and the results were improbably impressive. With an oversized personality, intricate wordplay and the cagy charm of an outer-borough striver, he was a natural. And after a broken leg forced him out of the kitchen, Bronson began writing seriously. In alone, he released Bon Appetit Lecter and Well Done. In awarding the effort a lofty 8. With the leading youth media company's multi-platform power now backing him, forthcoming projects like Rare Chandeliers with Alchemist, Saab Story with Harry Fraud and Blue Chips 2 will find countless new listeners.

    Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1) Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)
    Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1) Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)
    Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1) Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)
    Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1) Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)
    Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1) Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)
    Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1) Jett Smith and The Alien Grave (Volume 1)

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