Good Eatings Seasonal Salads

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Green Goddess Quinoa Summer Salad

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I use it in soups and stews—it gives you a nutty flavor and a creamy risotto consistency without the constant supervision. Einkorn flour is great for crepes or even cookies. Preparing and sharing food is one of—perhaps the essential—pleasure of French culture. Healthy food in France comes from moderation. There are no forbidden foods, only excess is looked down upon. The French have never been afraid of fat, so a small portion is often very satisfying. For me, it's been a change of paradigm: What Americans call "dieting": smaller portions, less sugar the French like their desserts rich, rather than sweet , a preference for seasonal fruits and vegetables, limited meat it's really expensive —the French simply call this "eating," and they do it with such gusto and flair.

Mealtimes are still family time in France. Families eat together—and the kids eat later around 7 or , with their parents. Many people still drink a glass of wine with lunch or dinner.

We drink water with meals, wine or Champagne with guests. The French love to entertain.

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In Provence, it tends to be long summer evenings in the garden or out on the terrace of a restaurant. I'm pretty sure school lunch is how they create little French people—start with the lentil salad and move up from there. My 7-year-old son eats at the canteen every day. There is only one choice; kids are not allowed to bring lunch from home. They can go home for the midday meal, but if they stay, they eat what's on offer. My son learned to eat things at la canteen that he wouldn't touch at home, like creamed spinach with hard-boiled eggs.

There's something about being hungry at noon—and being with his friends—that makes all the difference.

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Each little village has a weekly outdoor market, sometimes it's only a few vendors. I get my meat at the village butcher there's always a line—so it's also the best place to catch up on village news—or to start a rumor…. I only go to the big supermarket once every three or four months, to get staples like toilet paper, cleaning products, chocolate, and canned sardines, and dry goods like pasta, quinoa, and oatmeal.

I fill in my weekly staples like yogurt, eggs, and chickpeas from the small superette in the village. Instead of no carbs, they will eat a small slice of cake. My mother-in-law doesn't refuse the side of fries with her steak tartare, but she always leaves some on the plate. Above all, the French are not afraid of their food; they love it, and they trust themselves around it. I think of it as the difference between "cheating" and "treating. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox! Main Navigation.

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The French don't snack. Article continues below. French portions are way smaller than American portions. There's no takeout. Related Class.

With Phoebe Lapine. Herbal tea can curb hunger—and cure a cold. Sometimes traditional is better. Don't be afraid of eating animals—and don't waste them either. Soup is a magical cure-all.

Green Goddess Quinoa Summer Salad

Local can be more important than organic. Ancient grains aren't a trend—they're a culinary staple. Dieting has no place here. Who you eat with is as important as what you eat. Good eating habits start young. Small markets trump grocery stores. Never say never.

Liz Moody Contributing Food Editor. Liz Moody is a contributing food editor at mindbodygreen. Liz Moody.

Good Eatings Seasonal Salads Good Eatings Seasonal Salads
Good Eatings Seasonal Salads Good Eatings Seasonal Salads
Good Eatings Seasonal Salads Good Eatings Seasonal Salads
Good Eatings Seasonal Salads Good Eatings Seasonal Salads
Good Eatings Seasonal Salads Good Eatings Seasonal Salads

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