Eisenstein Series and Applications

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Finally, he is studying the exterior cube automorphic L-series of GU 3, 3 in relation with the associated Shimura variety. Number theory has been one of the most amazing subjects to study for more than two thousand years and will continue to be so.

Eisenstein Series and Automorphic $L$-Functions

Even more so is its surprising and beautiful applications to communications and cryptography discovered during last 20 years. Automorphic forms and Eisenstein series the investigator is working on is at the heart of the modern number theory. Its advances would not only further our understanding of the deep and beautiful subject of number theory but also find its way to improve our daily life in the e-world.

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Eisenstein series and the Langlands program

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Eisenstein Series and Applications | SpringerLink

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New developments in the theory of modular forms... - 6 November 2018

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Eisenstein Series and Automorphic \(L\)-Functions

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Eisenstein Series and Applications Eisenstein Series and Applications
Eisenstein Series and Applications Eisenstein Series and Applications
Eisenstein Series and Applications Eisenstein Series and Applications
Eisenstein Series and Applications Eisenstein Series and Applications
Eisenstein Series and Applications Eisenstein Series and Applications

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